mercredi 25 août 2010

vote4music, a sample application for Play Framework

vote4Music is an application I've created to have a base of examples for my tutorials on Play Framework.

The application allows to vote for you favorite music albums. The top 100 albums for each genre of music is calculated for each year.
Example: the most popular rock album of 1991 was Nirvana's Nevermind.

This project provides a complete sample application with Play and some additional frameworks (jQuery, lambdaJ).

The application covers the following features:
  • A REST/XML API to view lists of albums (by genre, year ...) and create new ones
  • CRUD (create read update delete) albums, with ajax sorting and pagination
  • Search filters
  • Custom tags
  • JQuery
  • LamdaJ for sorting and filtering collections
  • Authentication, roles and security
  • Test classes
  • ...

I hope that it can be useful for people who want to start developing applications with Play.
You can see the project on its github page and try the application.